Sunday, April 08, 2007

RIP - Family (Paleolithic Age - Very Soon)

This post of mine is sparked by a recent new article in the BBC, Ugandan adultery law 'too sexist'. The Ugandan law allowed men to cheat on their wifes. But in an attempt to honour the equality of rights for men and women, the Ugandan judiciary has made such a carnal act, legal; instead of curbing the rights of men. However shocking and lamentable the news is, it is a reality and does impact the institution of FAMILY, the first school of man.

The institution of FAMILY has been regarded as sacred even by primitive societies. According to anthropologists, the origins of strong Monogamous Societies date back a long time in the history of mankind. This sanctity of relationships within the family is even prevalent in some of the American Indian tribes and the aborigines of India, Africa and Australia.

Family is where man learns justice, passion for his kin, sacrifice and above all, love. This is what makes him a complete man. The breakdown of the extended family to pave way for nuclear families was the first blow in the overall development of the human being. He was by then becoming more selfish, the orientation being more towards, myself, my spouse, my kid and nothing more.

The degradation of the moral standards has worsened the situation further. Other economic and social factors hasn't helped either.

Sooner or later, man would be deprived of the benefits that family has provided him from time immemorial. How easy would it have been, if these values and virtues can be administered in a packaged form as a capsule or a vaccine during childhood or tinned food or vanilla or strawberry flavoured dishes. Ohhh!!!

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