Sunday, October 08, 2006

Mr. President's War of Error

A banner showing Iraqi and American babies during an Anti-War
rally in Times Square, New York City on Feb 15 2003.

The message from the banner is very clear. The plight of Iraqi population has reached its peak during the so called War on Terror (to be read as War of Error) by Mr. Bush and his comrades.

I have treasured the innocent smile of a child as one of the most delightful moments in my life. To see a child in pain has always troubled me.

After I had taken the snap, I have wondered many a times as to what conversation would have happened between the Iraqi and American dolls had they been alive. Ali(left) and Jack(right) are fictional characters and any resemblance is merely coincidental.

Jack: Hai, Ali. How are you doing?
Ali: Hello, Jack. Life isn't all that great here and I am afraid for my family and myself. What about you?
Jack: I am doing great. I have a new toy that dad bought for my birthday.
Ali: You are lucky to receive gifts. What is your new toy?
Jack: Well, dad bought me a gun. It makes a crackling noise and lights up when I pull the trigger. I also have a fighter jet.
Ali: I am afraid of guns. Our town is full of people with guns. It makes me feel sick when I go outside with my mother.
Jack: I am sorry about what is happening in your country. Even our President is to blame about the situation.
Ali: Thanks Jack, for your understanding of our people's suffering. My mother says that our town used to be a great one and remembers the good days she had when my father was alive.
Jack: I am sorry about your father. What happened to him?
Ali: He went to work as usual in the morning one day and didn't turn up in the evening. The next day my family came to know about his death. I wasn't born then.
Jack: I am sorry, Ali. I hope and pray that you will be safe.
Ali: Thanks for your concern.

A Glimpse of the Anti-War Rally. Bush seems to have
defied democracy. After all, the protestors were
dispersed by the NYPD's mounted unit!!!

The life of Iraqis as I understand haven't improved after the regime of the "tyrant" but has deteriorated. The country has plunged into confusion and chaos. Why then did "Mr. President" haste to "liberate" Iraq if he could not do a better job than Saddam?