Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Another New Year

Back from my hibernation and I am ready for the New Year to reveal itself. Every single day that passes by, has a lot to teach.

My career as a software engineer has taught me to work in an "AGILE" manner and thus the need for resolutions on an yearly basis has become irrelevant. New Year Resolutions ranging from, "I am going to be a better person", "gonna loose my weight", "will concentrate on my studies" and many more have remained mere resolutions.

I decided not to have a New Year resolution for 2007. Nowadays, I just make a resolve when I feel necessary. This way I do not have a big guilt associated with breaking a "New Year Resolution".

On a lighter note, I suppose there are people like me in the software engineering profession who would like to institutionalise this practice. For people not involved with Software engineering, software engineering and its life cycle is a bit of a sophisticated one. It includes requirements, design, build and testing. To keep up with deliveries, projects move into "Agile" mode. How to identify such a project is to ask team member for a delivery date or a document or the process they follow and they would reply, "We follow an Agile process".

"Do you lead an AGILE life, by the way?"

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shabeer said...

Good post pal. Keep going. Good luck.