Saturday, December 02, 2006

A pinch of salt

While having dinner last Wednesday, I inquired slyly as to whether the gravy was a bit more salty. And there came the reply from my wife, "Is it?", with a grin.

The reply was a perplexing one as the it didn't quite answer my question and I still had to figure out the answer.

The incident was forgotten as the burden of my new job took toll until the weekend. Weekends are a great time and I thought I would help my wife in the kitchen. For some reason, during the preparation, I was asked to add the salt and the dish turned out to be saltier than it should have been. I have never been a cook except for an occasional omelette, boiled eggs, tea and coffee.

The same weekend, I had the honour of adding salt into another dish while assisting my wife and luckily enough it was just the right amount of salt.

I now wonder whether my wife intentionally asked me to help her out to add the salt to the dishes. Well, I had learnt a wonderful lesson and got a good story for my blog.

Moral of the story, "Add only a pinch of salt to prepare your dinner."

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VillageLad said...

Hmm it's all nice to hear that you can cook :P, So when you are throwing a party