Thursday, September 07, 2006

In the beginning there was...

I am not good at story-telling and never was. So let me get to the matter straight away. Well, to decide whether there is any matter at all, it is up to you, the readers to decide.

I had been wondering for quite a long time as to what blogs are, how bloggers benefit, how much of bits and bytes of rubbish (or whatever of 1s and 0s) are stored and accumulated everyday and what purposes it serve. Finally, I decided to blog myself. Well, for no specific reason. The only reason I could possibly think of is to better understand the questions I have stated.

And thus it gives birth to Masoud's Blog.

My intentions
My intentions are straight-forward. I would like to key in my thoughts, my comments, my views on topics that concern me. These views/thoughts are mine and I do not associate it to anybody else except in circumstances where there is an exclusive mention. The comments posted by other readers are their views and may or may not be inline with my views.

Get set, ready, go
Having said that I think that it is time to get started and post my first blog. I welcome honest and healthy dialogues and thus would encourage my Dear Readers to post their comments. As this is a moderated blog site, I would still continue to monitor the posts. But I assure you that any comment posted with sincere intentions and are not offensive (sexist, racist, obscene, hatred, discriminatory - what offensive means) will be honoured.

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